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Introduction into bittube extension wallet, Staking and social media platform

#bittube extension #wallet #tutorial This is just a quick response video to a member needing help understanding the platform but I figured other new members could use the material also sorry it's not the best video. I'm getting a new set up next month so the content quality should start to increase thank you everybody who has support us my wife will be making content as well as we start diving into the industrial hemp fiber and what we can do with it.

In this video we're going to go over the extension for Firefox the bittubers platform and all the features but then the social media platform in the extension such as ad blocker wallet staking and memberships. If you're new to the platform this is a perfect video for you to watch to really help you understand how to navigate throughout all of what bittube has to offer. If there's something I missed feel free to ask in the comments section below and I will answer quickly.

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By YuriJacobs

@HempysHub I have an account on Minds and I just downloaded the Domain verification text, but I don't know where to place it on Minds. Also on BitChute, don't know where to place another domain verification text file neither. Can you help me please?

By DabDragon

great sound justin

By nachodon

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By fboey

Love it !

By ShakmGaming

Very informative video, keep them coming 👍

Btw, have you successfully monetized platforms like wordpress.com (i.e. the one hosted by wordpress itself)? I'm having trouble with that.

By ChabySharma

Thank you. It is really informative.

By DabDragon

Great information bro thanks again

By voidberg345634

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By ninjacura1

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By mrrick

dude this is a awesome video , thanks for making this