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$1,000 mining contract

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Mining is how bitcoins and cryptocurrencies gets created. You are actually creating digital money. We order ASIC machine and GPUs from China and set them up in our own facility or hosting partners to run the equipment with the cheapest electric costs in the country. BitTubers techs do all the work. The coins produced get put into your account.


Bitcoins astronomical growth is exploding the growth of other cryptocurrencies. The whole world is shifting into cryptocurrencies. There are Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. No one knows which ones will rise the quickest in value. Some have risen as high as 8000% in the last couple of years. We choose the most popular coins to mine. Each month we send you recommendations on what we are mining next. Select our main offer or go with your intuitive hunch on which coin to mine.


This is a business. As you keep buying more computer power it will grow to a lot of money. Look on the compounded growth page. This is a 2 year contract. But as you keep renewing the contract your opportunities for wealth increase. The longer you stay in the business the more chances you have to make money and hitting it big on some of the coins. You can increase your computer power weekly, bi weekly or monthly. The more computer power you have, the more coins you will produce.


We pool all the computer powers every 2 weeks. This allows a person who purchase a $100 computer power to be operating like a big player who purchase much more computer power.


• Instantly get into the crypto business

• Be set up to win with the bitcoin rocket rise

• Our electricity rate is so cheap, it is a fraction of what it would cost you to do it at home.

•No expensive equipment to buy

• WWe pool you with others so you do not need to buy you own equipment, tech support, electricity, rent or finding an ideal location.

• No crypto currency mining knowledge needed

• Hassle free. We do all the work

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• Ethereum mining 2 Years renewable contract

• No maintenance fee




• Ethereum mining 2 Years renewable contract

• No maintenance fee




• Ethereum mining 2 Years renewable contract

• No maintenance fee


Custom Packages


• Ethereum mining 2 Years renewable contract
• No maintenance fee

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30 day money back guarantee logo

You have the right for 30 days to request a full money back refund without any questions being asked.

Win $100

Win a 100 USD every month. The BitTubers picks one suggestion to award a 100 USD mining contract. If we like your suggestion we will email you or call you to discuss it further. The decision of who is awarded is at the sole decision of BitTubers. Rules:
1. Submit your suggestion
2. You can resend it the following month
3. Leave your email or phone number
Patent pending

We applied for 3 patents. One of them is for the method we use for compounded your growth. The other two will be revealed at a later date.

My name is Art Glass. I am the CEO and founder of BitTubers. I am 68 years old. I have no children. I pledge to donate all of my assets to charity or good causes. I believe that my thoughts create my reality. I am interested in good karma and not risking bad karma. I pledge to be honest with your money.