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@Sajedur Rahman

Hong Kong Protest!!!

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By Raynor9899

This is why i say alwaís never ever give your guns away thhe bad guys will always have thier guns not after the possibole world war 3.

By uareiandiamugmail.com

Why are we human beings so brutal and barbaric to each other?

By booyaka


By ShakmGaming

Yeah this has been going on for a while.

China is on the verge of cutting ties with US companies that allow comments in favor of Hong Kong (like the NBA for example) and the US government has issued bi-partisan statements that US companies preserve the right to free speech. It's a big mess right now.

Also in the gaming community there has recently been a HUGE uproar because some players made pro-Hong Kong comments and where banned / demonetized from Blizzard tournaments.