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It is vital to do content moderation right without compromising on free speech. As a small company, we realize that fully centralized moderation is not a viable long-term strategy for success. We will be equipping BitTubers with several layers of user-oriented moderation with a strong focus on fairness, autonomy, transparency and accountability.

  • Moderate your own comments sections.
  • Appoint others to help moderate your profile or groups (Profile/Group Moderators).
  • Options to mute, block, kick or ban others from your profile/groups where appropriate.
  • Option to approve comments. Upcoming feature: trigger comment approval mode based on word lists, user status, etc.
  • Appointed Site Moderators can moderate all comments sections and tag NSFW/NSFL. They cannot remove posts unless granted this permission. Will require staking.
  • Appointed Admins have veto power and will initially handle disputes.
  • For transparency, Site Moderators and Admins are public and can be tagged or contacted via direct message. Keep each other accountable!

Coming 2019: Community Moderation System

The bulk of actual post moderation (regarding copyright/inappropriate/other reports) will be handled by the Community Moderation System (CMS). It will be an open-participation, distributed voting system to process tickets and earn rewards in XP and TUBE. Experienced Site Moderators and Admins will make sure that the Community Moderators are applying the guidelines properly.