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Topic #monetization

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@The official account

Have you tried the BitTube Browser?

It's about #monetization without unpleasant advertising!

It always rewards your time, online and always rewards the content you watch.


#TUBE #Airtime #Blockchain 

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By liyin_yeo

Awaiting for the Mac OS version to be available

By pogona

i would use it, but still no #mac version available.....

By Ceddd

The "Bittube" written at the top (where the tabs are) is kind of annoying, how can we remove it?

By MasterShake

Yes I am using it now! I can't wait to see all the new features for both the browser and site!

@The official account

More about the Airtime module!

Did you know that the #Airtime module is complementary to other alternative #monetization systems? 🤔

Yes, you can keep your current income and add #Airtime to the equation.

With #BitTube you have the choice! 👉bittubeapp.com/airtime.html

#TUBE #Blockchain

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By MasterShake

That is so cool! I love it. I need to get back to blogging. But I think I'll do most of my blogging from BIttubers it's self.

@The official account

Browse smarter

We are more than a video and social media platform.

We are a new way to experience the web.

Have you tried the #BitTubeBrowser yet?


#TUBE #Internet #Monetization

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By AwenMusic

it will be a big step forward, when the browser will be ready for the platform under Android, IOs, & Mac, it's already very good and even super good, for Windows & Linux!

Bravo Bittube, you're doing a great job!

By arslankhalid

mozilla firefox 😂😂😂

By maxbittube9999

Yes i have, i would love it if you were to get it on mac.

@The official account

Don't let your TUBE sleeping in your wallet, put them to work.

Put your #TUBE to work and stake them to earn more #Airtime for your online activities. 


#Crypto #Monetization #BitTube

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By TheHeretic

I like the idea of staking, however, I don't see any incentive to stake more than 2500Tube unles you live in front of a computer.

@The official account

Be the change that you want.


#BitTube #FightCensorship #Monetization

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By nachodon

as @BitTubeOfficial has stated you can MAKE YOUR OWN SHIRTS -- OR -- you can get them here (as did the lovely woman in the picture) since I've already designed some: https://bittubers.com/group/af413335-2ed3-490c-ab43-c970d40dc100 thanks for the plug @bittubeofficial #fail. **disclaimer i make between 1$ and 2$ for most t-shirts -- i think less on other products. Only did this to try to help / promote the platform: not get rich.


Cool T-shirt

By CapDragon9

omg instead of sending people "play buttons" on youtube for hitting certain sub numbers you guys could send us a freakin exclusive shirt!!! That'd be so much cooler! We could flex our bittube achievements in public!!!!! It's genius right???

By MasterShake

We are change we are freedom! Where can I get that wonderful shirt ?

@The official account

We believe that BitTube reshapes the way web monetization should work.

We believe that #BitTube reshapes the way web #monetization should work. 🧐

Start with the #BitTubeBrowser. Surf privately, ad-free and support every publisher you visit. 


Your #time powers the new attention economy without compromise. 

#TUBE #Airtime

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By maxbittube9999


By f.harms

I just donated 0.1 TUBEs ($ 0.00 USD)

By kschnier

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.03 USD)

By Johnny

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.03 USD)

By MasterShake

I love i t I am already earning more on here than adsense. My page has grown in such a short time.

@The official account

Follow the Airtime

You have traffic on your website?🚕

Earn from it. Follow the #Airtime! 


#TUBE #BitTube #Monetization

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By MasterShake

Yes I make more money off Bitube than I did on adsense

By cryptoyogi

Yaeh! In this sense, I love traffic jams :-D

@The official account

Airtime is unique!

The #BitTube ecosystem blends two of the most important aspects of the Internet: consuming content and compensation for the creator.

We call it #AirTime and we showcase the effectiveness of an ad-free #monetization with BitTubers.com 🤓

#TUBE #MondayMotivation #Crypto

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By Arkankraft

Very nice :) 🤗

By Boon

Go BitTube 🚀

By abmsuhel

No doubt, #AirTime is unique. This amazing project. This project have good future. Now need more more marketing.

By BitInvest

Amazing project.

@The official account

Why exactly do you need the BitTube browser extension?

For #Monetization!

BitTube browser extension and BitTubers.com profiles use the same account. 

Signing up on either one of them will create one cross-platform account sharing the same credentials.



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By dwx.opt

Thnx. I really needed this info.

@The official account

Take a look at our roadmap !!!

We have set the foundation for uncensorable #monetization, #privacy, ad-free browsing and independence. 🧞‍♂️

Take a look at our #roadmap showing what we did last quarter and what we plan on doing for the next two 👇 

#TUBE #BitTube #Blockchain

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By CrowdsGarage

Let´s Go! 😀

By nachodon

missing; go to moon

By ffp9483

bookmark it!

By Kids

Roadmap to utility, innovation and SUCCESS!