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Arguably the best geocentricist body surfer on earth. Can often be found in SF, LV, and Mexican beach towns eating nachos, of course. I am a proud follower of Jesus the Christ and know him to be savior and creator extroidinaire. I am not perfect and have my struggles like everyone else. The challenge of this life is to overcome the evil and deceptions of this world while remaining not only civil but actually loving others. I'll admit I fail miserably at this many times but I'm striving to truly love my fellow brothers and sisters out there no matter what they believe in. I am a staunch anti-zionist and have a heart for the plight of the Palestinian people. I believe that zionism (and the endless wars fought largely on it's behalf) is the greatest christian heresy or our time. And the two can not possibly mix in light of the teachings of Yeshua / Jesus. I am happily married to a beautiful, wonderful and supportive woman and live in California currently but eyeing other places to grow old in. I grew up in NYC region so this explains some of the roughness around my edges. I have a small podcast (Bank Robber & the Bitcoin Guy) that is on hiatus right now because my co-host, Forrest Baker , is ill. Forrest is a double amputee who spent 15 years in jail for robbing banks. He is now a follower of the King of kings but has some health issues atm. Please keep him in your prayers. I love all things crypto and I'm happy to be an early adopter of the bittubers platform. I hope it can remain true to it's mission and am anxious to see it grow.

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