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Slack-T - Deep Love - Live deep house jam

#music #electronicmusic

Hi all, here's another one of my jam videos. I hope you enjoy this.

Much love,


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How to make the perfect sponge cake | It's so fluffy!

Our sponge cake recipe that we used in our various themed cakes! There is really not much to say to be honest. Just be careful while making this ;) #recipe #foodporn


6 eggs (separated)

80 gr sugar | little less than 1/2 cup

180 gr sifted flour | 1 1/2 cup

1 teaspoon baking powder 

4 tablespoons oil

How to make it 

1. Start whisking egg whites until they start getting fluffier. Gradually add sugar while continuously mixing. Whisk until you get soft peaks.

2. Shortly whisk the egg yolks so that they get all smooth. 

3. Add egg yolks to the egg whites and fold it in carefully. 

4. Add flour and baking powder by sifting them gradually into the dough. Again fold in carefully. 

5. In the meantime add the oil.

6. When all the ingredients are fully incorporated stop folding in! 

7. Depending on the thickness of your cake you need to bake this at 180 C/355 F for at least 40 minutes (Mine was really thick so it took almost an hour to bake through completely). 

8. Once the cake is out of the oven, let it cool off. For the best result, directly toss the cake into the freezer to be used the next day, or whenever you want. 


*I gotta say this again: The freezer option is the safest but of course you can just let it rest in room temperature. 

*Want chocolate sponge cake? Remove 2 tbsp flour and add cacao. It tastes great! 


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Contact Us via

Email: tastyescapes@zoho.com


Free music by bensound.com

Sound effects by https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/soundeffects (Metal Thud)

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Espo's ART WORLD Part 1 | Lux4Light

Welcome to Espo's art world, a pleasant space with helpful people who are willing to share their knowledge.

Created so you don't have to turn your phone sideways, Thank you for your view

#Lux4Light #art

Documentary on Printshop techniques and methods, provided by Espo's art world. Art is created oriinally by Steve Espo Powers.

This video showcases some of his work with a light touch on the process and inspiration.

We spoke to the Creative Director and Art Director to get a more in depth look.

We are grateful to them for having us spontaneously in their space and accommodating the recording.

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@Artware Solutions

BitTube $$$ vs. Youtube

In addition to the differences that many of us know and those that will come, today I make a comparison in terms of earnings and why, YouTube never attracted me to be a content creator. But BitTube is a different story!

#bittube #bittubers

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Lotus Supercharged 2GR V6 Toyota MR2 | The Eye of the Storm.


🔰MR2 Jet Tags 10% OFF code "V6MR210" ►https://bit.ly/2Pdqv83

🔰Click to Subscribe! ►http://bit.ly/2pjQx9A

🔰Weekly Podcast! ►http://bit.ly/2FFsWuJ

Welcome back! Today I had the privilege of driving Russ' V6-swapped and supercharged Toyota MR2 on a few backroads with not a soul in sight. On the surface Russ' car hasn't changed much, but the driving experience tells a different story from when we last featured this car back in 2015. With vehicle ownership over time there comes a knowledge and familiarity with the specific car you drive. This build is a testament to 10+ years of tweaking, tuning, and most importantly, driving. Enjoy!

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Ok here it is! The ONE+ hour long interview with the man, the myth and legend, CEO: Saber Maram concerning ALL THINGS BitTube!  

In this interview Saber touches all bases regarding the BitTube ecosystem, the lofty ambitions for the project, and the upcoming improvements coming soon to #Bittubers, #Airtime and #TUBE

Saber is candid about the general crypto market and where we are heading in our future battles against the entrenched power brokers of this current world and how Bittube fits into this paradigm. 

I hope you’ll be as delighted by the BitTube CEO and founder’s determination, ambition, and most importantly his vision of how we all get to a better future and a freer world, as I was.



Recorded on 9-16-2019 with BitTube Founder and CEO: Saber Maram

In an time where many crypto projects are barely hanging on to the ICO money that they more or less conned out of unsuspecting investors so that they can sit around for the next year and eat twinkies and play video games - BitTube has been striving to deliver a complete well rounded suite of products.




Join us in this great discussion where you get the words straight from the CEO's mouth of where we've been and where we're heading. I promise you that if you have any interest in BitTube / BitTubers or any of the other aspects of this project that you'll benefit greatly from this video.

Many thanks to Saber for taking the time to connect some of the dots and color in the spaces for the community regarding this impressive, and in my opinion; grossly undervalued cryptocurrency which courses like blood through the veins of the AirTime system.

All aboard!!


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