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This Chanel will be an educational information source for Open Source technology. I will be bringing you videos on open source technology from all over the web. "Open Source" The Revolution will be Digitized Beyond paying for My Bitchute and Dtubers membership 50% of every donation will go toward open source projects.

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@Public Source Projects

WickedEngine -- C++, Open Source 3D Game Engine

#opensource #Gameengine

WickedEngine is pretty well named... it's wicked. Written in C++, open source and MIT licenesed, the entity component based 3D game engine has all the graphical bells and whistles you'd expect from a game engine today... and an XNA inspired programming model, Lua support and a world editor!



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@Public Source Projects

Metal parts from 3D prints a "new" process (open source) LatheBuilder Project

Making strong metal parts from reusable 3D prints. Open sourcing the process.

Alloy mentioned at 2:21 is Zinc Aluminum Alloy ZA #2 ≈50,000 psi tensile strength. Melts on an open burner hotplate with a little help.

Eventually will make more complex parts and assemblies using this workflow, but for now it is complete enough to begin talking about.

LatheBuilder Project

Discord: https://discord.gg/49DGg3f

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@Public Source Projects

The $50 Water Turbine - DIY, Portable, Powerful, and Open Source

#Opensource #energy

For less than $50 you can build a low head, medium power, super low cost and low tech hydro turbine.

Can be plugged into any appropriate waterway, uses only basic off the shelf and recycled materials, and simple hand tools.

Aiming for 200 to 500 watts of power/ 5-12 kWh per day from 2 meters of drop at about 50 liters per second.

This technology was produced in partnership with COACT, an open source green tech incubator in Bacelona. COACT are open to working with all kinds of innovators working on green technologie. Learn more here: www.coactlab.org

And thanks to the good people at Ca La Fou (https://calafou.org/) for the rest.

Once the design is optimized I'll produce a full open source construction tutorial on

the website: http://opensourcelowtech.org

the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/opensourcelo...

and the Facebook group (which is the main discussion forum): https://www.facebook.com/groups/opens...

#renewable #energy #DIY #preppers

My name is Daniel Connell. I prototype and develop basic technologies which anyone can make using recycled materials and simple tools.

The aim is for everyone everywhere to be able to build and maintain their own infrastructure; producing their own energy, food, clean water, communications, and anything else they need.

All designs are open source and license free for any purpose, and full construction tutorials and how-tos are available on the opensourcelowtech.org website.

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@Public Source Projects

Linux Mint 19 For Windows Users

Linux Mint 19 install and demo aimed at Windows users thinking of migrating to Linux. Includes setting up Timeshift, the Update Manager, installing applications, installing MS core fonts, and an explanation of drives in Linux.

The Linux Mint website is at: https://linuxmint.com/

The Etcher website is at: https://etcher.io/

If you enjoy this video, you may be interested in my video on Ubuntu Studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txVIl...

You may also like my recent book “Digital Genesis: The Future of Computing, Robots and AI”: http://amzn.to/2C2WrA6

More videos on computing and related topics can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/explainingcomp...

And I have another YouTube channel called ExplainingTheFuture at: http://www.youtube.com/explainingthef...

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@Public Source Projects

6 Open Source Android Alternative Operating Systems For Mobiles

#Linux #Mobile

In the wake of the ongoing US-Huawei-Google tussle, many Android enthusiasts are wondering about the different alternative phone operating systems that are out there. We have Apple’s iOS at our disposal, but the cost of owning an iPhone makes it an impossible choice for many.

This prompted me to create a list of other Android alternatives that are being developed or being used in mobile devices. The options that have been included in this list are open source, so any developer can grab the code and fork it to create something new for free. Huawei is itself creating its own operating system but I haven’t included it on this as the details are scarce.

Best Open Source Android Alternatives To Try

1. Plasma Mobile

2. KaiOS

3. LineageOS

4. postmarketOS

5. Ubuntu Touch

6. Tizen OS

Watch the full video till the end to learn about them.

Follow me on Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/joystutorial

Follow me on Twitter at :- https://twitter.com/joystutorial

Follow me on Instagram at :- https://www.instagram.com/joystutorial/

Like,Comment,Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for more such videos.

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By voidberg345634

I just donated 100.0 TUBEs ($ 0.71 USD)

@Public Source Projects

Hand Wired Keyboard, Atreus DIY Build

#Opensource #Hardware

Learn more about the Atreus here:



Laser cutting done by:


Case screws (20 mm):


Micro controller:


18 awg Silicone Wire




Gateron Green Switches:




Credit for music used:


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@Public Source Projects

5 Programs for Creating and Recording Music (Open Source Free)

#Opensource #Software

Click Below to Subscribe watch more Free Software Reviews:


You can find download links and more information at:


Here are some free programs for working with digital audio and music:

Audacity - Powerful audio recording tool and editing tool

LMMS - Digital audio work station. Create synthetic music and rhythms.

Ardour - Digital audio work station. Record. Edit. Multiple tracks...

Mixxx - Digital DJing software for mixing music

Spek - Audio file spectrogram viewer, for spotting quality issues.


Science & Technology


Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

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@Public Source Projects

Build Your Own Speakers- The Little British Monitor

#Opensource #hardware

I build a pair of hi-fi studio monitors. The Little British Monitor can be found here, on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2AoFMZ4

A proper, professional review: https://youtu.be/5WWAyOox1Kc

Sponsor me, get early access and support my work (but only if you can without hardship)😘:

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►ETH: 0xf44c663Cc227F6731898c927DAEB36145fFa1085

►XMR: 44L4NjFtfRof2mR7yYoqwmj9Tf2Fv7TR7QhkEKwaLAfqEufoiGjYBx6CGsMSbwyUDzLDkGVnCAYWgUQLqT7ipMtEAh13qN6

More from me🤔:

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►My FAQ: http://pastebin.com/V3474kYs

►Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/naomi-wu...

►3D Model: http://bit.ly/2JUdUjZ

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By Alchimiste

Thank you !

@Public Source Projects

What is blockchain and how can it change our society? | Ali Raza Dar | TEDxFHNW


We've all heard the stories about the emerging technologies of blockchain, but what is blockchain exactly and how will it change how things work? Find out about the importance, future and advantages of blockchain in this TEDx Talk.

Ali is a highly motivated and energetic Master Student of Computer Science as well as a Software Engineering Graduate. Ali Dar is a highly motivated and energetic Master Student of Computer Science at the University of Zurich as well as a Software Engineering Graduate. He has gained over 3 years of industrial expertise in the innovative markets of Zurich, Dubai and Pakistan. He currently works as a communication and digital marketing manager at a full-service blockchain marketing consulting agency for Start-ups conducting an ICO. Ali enlightens the audience about the importance, future and advantages of blockchain technology in his TEDx Talk. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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By lyes_dz

bit tube or bitcoin very good application

@Public Source Projects

AXIOM Beta Compact (ABCP) Enclosure First Prototype Assembly


The first all metal CNC milled AXIOM Beta Compact (ABCP) enclosure prototype being assembled.

The article with more pictures and another video accompanying this video: https://www.apertus.org/axiom-team-ta...

AXIOM is the world’s first open hardware & free software cinema camera project. 


Useful Links - https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/Us...

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[JAPON 2019 | ep.4] KYOTO - Higashiyama | 京都 - 東山

#travel #japan

Premier jour a #Kyoto (京都) nous avons décidé de la jouer relax et d'aller passer la journée dans le quartier d'Higashiyama (東山), un quartier historique en bois aux ruelles étroites très chaleureux.

Il y a pas mal de chose a y faire (shopping, se restaurer 🍲🍣) et surtout a y voir, comme le temple ⛩️️️ Hōkanji (法観寺) et sa superbe pagode Yasaka, le temple ⛩️️️ Kōdaiji (高台寺) ou le Ryōzen Kannon (霊山観音) et son immense statue de la déesse de la miséricorde

Une escapade qui vous tiendra jusqu'a la nuit tombée mettant encore plus en valeur l'endroit, vraiment un incontournable lorsque l'on est a Kyoto lors d'un voyage au Japon!

Le Japon comme je l'aime 🇯🇵


🎵 Credit music:

Epidemic sound : https://www.epidemicsound.com


🎦 Material used in the video:


Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS 60D

Xiaomi YI 4K+ Action Camera

Iphone 8 Plus

Elephone S8


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM with Viltrox EF-EOS M2

Yongnuo EF 35 mm f/2 with Viltrox EF-EOS M2

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM with Viltrox EF-EOS M

Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5

Gimbal Stabilizer:

Zhiyun Weebill Lab


💻 Post Production:

Video: Hitfilm express

Photo: Adobe Photoshop CC

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@☕️ Ilexys Crowe

Speedpaint | Unholy Scream

A speedpaint of a study I did of a cat skull...with a supernatural twist.


Done in Krita on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD.

Video and artwork © IlexysCrowe

A sped-up recording of a painting in Krita. The subject is a cat skull with an open mouth at a profile angle facing left, flames pouring out of its mouth.

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The Porsche 911 GT3 RS | “Kermit” is a Modified 991.2 Built for Precision


Hey guys! Welcome to the 2019 Porsche 911 (991.2) GT3 RS, one of the greatest vehicles money can buy at the present moment. With that glorious sounding NA 4.0L flat-six engine sitting behind you, there's not much that could ever go wrong. Built for the track and built for speed, the 911 GT3 RS is one of the final slaying naturally aspirated track cars on the market today. This example, named "Kermit" is an example of a modified supercar done right. Enjoy!

🔰Click to Subscribe! ►http://bit.ly/2pjQx9A

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What needs to happen to get BitTube on the "normies" radar?

Discuss below your ideas on the what you feel is necessary to grow both BitTubers and Airtime awareness.

Marketing is a more obvious answer but if marketing - then consider a smaller budget for marketing and suggest ways you would market the project to others.


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Female Engineers? - Affirmative Action and Feedback

My thoughts on the absolute insanity and twisted logic behind Affirmative Action programs, from an angle you may not have heard before.

Sydney University Lowers Entry Bar for Female Engineering Students

My thoughts on the absolute insanity and twisted logic behind Affirmative Action programs, from an angle you may not have heard before.

Sydney University Lowers Entry Bar for Female Engineering Students


Po's video: Low Expectations for Female Engineers


Also available as a podcast. Search for Just Thinking Out Loud in your favorite podcast directory.

********Ways to Support:

▸ http://justthinkingoutloud.tv

Patreon: https://patreon.com/justthinkingoutloud

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Podcast: http://justthinkingoutloud.tv/podcasts

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Send me a Message: desiraethinking@gmail.com

Newsletter: justthinkingoutloud.tv/newsletter

Other Platforms:






Portal @desiraethinking



You can also find me at https://desi-rae.com and https://cryptoramble.com

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Ok here it is! The ONE+ hour long interview with the man, the myth and legend, CEO: Saber Maram concerning ALL THINGS BitTube!  

In this interview Saber touches all bases regarding the BitTube ecosystem, the lofty ambitions for the project, and the upcoming improvements coming soon to #Bittubers, #Airtime and #TUBE

Saber is candid about the general crypto market and where we are heading in our future battles against the entrenched power brokers of this current world and how Bittube fits into this paradigm. 

I hope you’ll be as delighted by the BitTube CEO and founder’s determination, ambition, and most importantly his vision of how we all get to a better future and a freer world, as I was.



Recorded on 9-16-2019 with BitTube Founder and CEO: Saber Maram

In an time where many crypto projects are barely hanging on to the ICO money that they more or less conned out of unsuspecting investors so that they can sit around for the next year and eat twinkies and play video games - BitTube has been striving to deliver a complete well rounded suite of products.




Join us in this great discussion where you get the words straight from the CEO's mouth of where we've been and where we're heading. I promise you that if you have any interest in BitTube / BitTubers or any of the other aspects of this project that you'll benefit greatly from this video.

Many thanks to Saber for taking the time to connect some of the dots and color in the spaces for the community regarding this impressive, and in my opinion; grossly undervalued cryptocurrency which courses like blood through the veins of the AirTime system.

All aboard!!


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