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What needs to happen to get BitTube on the "normies" radar?

Discuss below your ideas on the what you feel is necessary to grow both BitTubers and Airtime awareness.

Marketing is a more obvious answer but if marketing - then consider a smaller budget for marketing and suggest ways you would market the project to others.


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By stable_boulder

Have more non-cryptocurrency related videos featured on the front page... because let's face it: not every "normie" is interested in cryptocurrency news or podcasts or things like that.

By skreutzer

Creators could just start to link to their work published/hosted here. Good content (so the search can return worthwhile results for most terms), good discoverability (related/interesting recommendations) + friendly/constructive community.

By fboey

promote it to schools. to use it in education. such as video editing, others etc

By mrdaylight

As long as buttubers don't censor, de-platform or demonetize then nobody will need to do anything; the other platforms will push everyone away and users search for better alternatives. If you build it they will come...

By meestercrypto

I feel it's key to acquire an investor to have money for commercials on the internet/ tv.

Be visible for a wider audience (not only crypto), like Ted talk, talk show, prominent YT channels. Make entry as easy as possible.

By zven

I feel that youtube is on the best way to really frighten many content creators with shadow banning and demonetizing the videos randomly. That is one of the triggers for the 'normies' to search for other valid alternatives.

By TheHeretic

I think bittubers needs to leave beta before normies will be interested in the site. As it is now bittubers still feels unfinished. Also I think that the paywalls are a major turn off, especially the limited length of the comments/posts.

By cryptoscity

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.01 USD)

By cryptoscity

user need to start giving donations to creator to spread the word faster, user on this platform doesn't do the only thing this platform was build for, avoid censorship and earn $Tube as a viewer and creator.👍

By shanedk

Reach out to disaffected YouTubers. Maybe start with the midrange channels and work your way up; don't start with PewDiePie.