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What are the reasons why you chose to embark on the BitTubers adventure with us?

#TUBE #BitTube #FightCensorship

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By YuriJacobs

I was sick and tired of YouTube causing me trouble just because I was trying to be creative with my videos by using other YouTubers videos. I had two channels there, one got the boot in May 2015 after Nintendo said some crap and they had an MCN over there. Afterwards, most of my videos were no longer monetized because of false Copyright claims on music. So, here I am.

By shanedk

The desire for true freedom of speech and monetization, the disappointment at all the other attempts, and that Saber & Co. just seem to be doing it right.

By berien

Seduced by the Human creative energy behind the project. I Love to see the evolution from the start,with pieces of the whole picture coming together over time,and $tube acting as a link between them... There's some weird magic acting here🤩

By Specter

Looked like a decent coin and platform that was not going to play games with censorship and other childish bullshit. Checked them out for a few months, am now totally invested and not looking back. They are sincere and I respect that.

By MasterShake

I want to earn money expressing myself and have a platform to be able to promote my content and earn, as well as have freedom of speech.

By TheHeretic

I was looking for an alternative to youtube, because of all the censoring. There are quite a few alternatives, but this one seems like the best one.

By bittca6x

Because of the idea/realization to create something better, I had in ideas similar but you implemented even better and it's cool.

similar opinion = me impressed idea, No censor, No Ads, Your time and attention is a currency, nice command

By maxbittube9999

I just want to have as much alternatives to mainstream social media as necessary.

By DieRotePille

Give Free Speech a Place, appreciation for all artists / musicians, fair together ....

By nachodon

because @batteryaziz is my hero. everyone needs one.