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Quote of the Day : You are your soul

In truth your soul is the most intimate, powerful part of your inner self and is forever changing and growing. Your soul is alive, responsive, curious and in a constant state of becoming.


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By seekingstarwater

- This asana, apart from improving one's posture, also gives a proper workout to the body and so helps in losing unwanted flab like excess belly fat. Suryanamaskar stretches our muscles and makes our body very flexible.

By seekingstarwater

Direct Benefits :-

- Suryanamaskar, or Sun Salutations, ideally done facing the early morning sun, helps our body to soak in its benefits — sun rays are a rich source of vitamin D and helps to strengthen our bones .

By seekingstarwater

The soul portion of you resides in other dimensions beyond the physical level. The soul portion of you is the most highly motivated, most highly energized, most potent consciousness unit know in any universe. -Seth