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The Case for Private Police

Discussions about the ethics of #LawEnforcement become very heated very fast. On one side there are loud condemnations #PoliceBrutality against innocent civilians by unaccountable #Police officers. On the other are patriotic praises of the safety and goodwill produced morally upright police officers working in their communities. But is this argument about police services itself, or does the problem lie with the incentive structures given to public police by government, and could private police be far more effective?

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It is not my intention to demean, harass, or otherwise criticize any specific law enforcement officers as individuals. It is my intention to make a reasoned argument against the specific incentive structures that exist within publicly funded state services, that consequently lead to corruption and inefficiency.

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By ZachArtsIllustrations

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By ZachArtsIllustrations

to be honest, The united states has had private officers/mercenary forces in the united states back in the early days such as the late 1800s. It was called the pinkertones. Pinkerton, founded as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, is a private security guard and detective agency established in the United States by Scotsman Allan Pinkerton in 1850 and currently a subsidiary of Security AB.

this cause private companies to use private mercenaries to hunt down and abuse the workers by targeting them with using such private police forces. in fact, the state police is what we call abusing the public due to that of having government officials being bought by private companies to allow police to abuse the their powers in certain areas. for example, targeting people for protesting against specific pipelines that would destroy water sources like drinking water/ water reservoirs for farming and city water.

Private mercenaries/officers are good for private places, however they are not operating based on justice or law. but for the companies enforcement which can be devious. If mercenaries are to go above the state then that could lead to more serious abuses. However, companies have lobbied government to their cause and have used local police forces like their personal mercenary groups base on how rich that company is with their vast wealth.

just as a warning. dont be naive thinking private officers are explicitly good cause they are not. Private officers couldn't give a shit if your human or not. Just being as real as i can. hope my voice in these comments could help strive the discussion further. the actions on police abusing their authority must and always be put to light. no local police force of any nature should be abusing their authority to escalate situation. when you where a uniform you represent that locality. When you where a companies logo you represent the profits and motives of that company.

By hpsteuer

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