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Before you call me crazy take a look at the charts I posted of Monero's ($XMR) incredible growth in just under 2 years from $0.44 to nearly $500 ($477). This constituted a 104,000% gain. That's ONE HUNDRED & FOUR THOUSAND PERCENT. Then compare the same potential type of rise for TUBE.

Now if we do some basic math using the following parameters taking into account the the max supply of both coins (I'm using max supply of 18,000,000 for XMR and 1,000,000,000 for TUBE we get that #TUBE, in its finality many years from now, will have 1 billion supply or 55x the supply of Monero ( 1 billion / 18 million ) = Tube having 55x the final supply of XMR final supply (I'm using final supply for equivocal purposes which I realize is not perfect but it's a fair standard to use for these estimates) Monero hit roughly $500 USD per coin in December 2017 for a whopping 104,000 % gain! (approx 0.45 cents to $500) or a 1,004X return!

If $TUBE were to do a 1004X return we get from 1 cent to $10.40 per Tube (or 104,000% gain)

Let's remember that Monero had almost NO USE CASE at the time of this 2 year rise and parabolic blow off top. Today it's still valued at roughly 118X from that 44 cents starting point even after a terrible bear market drop.

Additional Observations:

I've been poking around the monero community and there's a certain level of exasperation — which is very sad to see. They have a GREAT product, but they have no frontman— a bunch of geeks in their community who couldn't sell a free hamburger to a starving man.... the price trickles down.  They have nothing like bittubers. In fact after nearly 5 years of existence the brainiacs over at Monero still haven't given the world a good reason to use their coin (and mind you, I'm a huge Monero fan!)

But us TUBERS have a use case, and a community which can like, share, spread the good news of TUBE in creative ways, posts and videos. We have a great referral system coming and we are noob friendly to use. In fact you don't have to know anything about crypto to get involved with the use case. You can enter into crypto slowly if you wish.

We also have youth and energy, while Monero has older community which wants to stick to 'grass roots' (lol). There is a LOT of potential here in both the BitTube products, and the community should only get better. I didn't even get into Airtime and the benefits of sharing in the POW rewards. Is there any doubt that once history repeats itself with another bull run that Tube will be sent soaring to heights we can't quite grasp at the moment? I'm telling you this is likely to happen. But don't be stupid and think I'm guaranteeing it.

I've stated my case. I hope you early adopters can see this. Even if we get a fraction of the last bull market's type of rise, it should be enough help change a lot of lives and put TUBE on the map permanently. We have a coin that we can use today, and more tomorrow and instead of users trickling out - they are coming in, and this is a BIG thing. Don't miss the opportunity.

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By hpsteuer

I just donated 20.0 TUBEs ($ 0.20 USD)

By ShakmGaming

Agreed. As an atypical user for crypto platforms (i'm more into content creation that cryptocurrencies) BitTubers in its beta state is already something unique.



By MasterShake

I hope it does go up to 10 dollars a tube soon. I would be really motivated to make more content and make at least 10 tubes a day

By moss

When website owners see Airtime in action they will want it, but they have to _see_ it first. When Bittubers allows users to stake Tube as an investment in creators they like that will be a game changer IMO. 


I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.01 USD)

By nachodon

sorry about the resolution on the images--- not sure why bittubers is doing that to the charts... i did put in a #bugreport about it.