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John McAfee - Rogue Governments

#JohnMcAfee #KillTheBeast1 #Bitcoin #Crypto #bittube #tube

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By sirgallium

He sounds like Morpheus talking to Neo when he is first waking up

By sujonislam


By GameMusicHallberg

I just donated 3.0 TUBEs ($ 0.06 USD)

By mestre

Earn free bitcoins just by browsing the web! it works!


By roy

tin foil room lol

By 88brandon88

watch Gringo: The dangerous life of John Mcafee.

By TheHeretic

What he is saying is also true for most of the European world and most likely also the rest of the planet. I think that U.S.A. even though it is a prison, is still one of the more free areas left, because you still have weapons. Here 1/2

By HardcoreCrypto

Great video

By airtimealchemy

I agree with everything he says...hero of our time..

By MasterShake

He is smart guy. I heard he stuck it to the man didn't pay taxes and live on a boat now lol. A moderen day Robin Hood. This guy is truly free


TUBE vs USD chart -- (August 6th, 2019) New all-time low Great time for creators to get cheap TUBE to Stake

I am picking up some more TUBE here. I will release a video analysis later in the month, discussing my long-term vision and plan for TUBE, and other projects I am working on.

I plan to buy half a million TUBE if price gets closer to 0.01USD

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is my own personal thoughts on the TUBE market.

#tube #crypto

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By PhusionPhil

well if i aint a curating creator myself

By genesis

Dev selling $tube

By mestre

Earn free bitcoins just by browsing the web! it works!


By WhaleTail

The thesis right now is that BTC is an easy 5-20x from here, then after that move is done the big money may diversify.

By Noob

right now am focusing on BTC. Sold altcoins 2 months ago. i only kept the ones i've mined in my gaming pc for fun: ravencoin, bittube (staking 2500), pigeon, nix, grin. The rest in BTC. Hopefully i'll reinvest earnings in time 4 alt-season

By nachodon

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.02 USD)

By nachodon

staking 2500 tube atm cost like what 45$? come on- anyone not staking now is going to regret not doing so soon!

By WhaleTail

I think its smart to have 2500 Stake. Just don't lose your stake keys and password!

By WhaleTail

It is very hard to say, but I think it will be worth more in USD. Maybe less in BTC price.

By MasterShake

How much do you think each Tube will be worth in one year from now? I also want to buy in. But staking makes us earn even now, if we get lots of views we earn more. So it's even good for eaarning more now. Even more if value goes up

@Airtime Alchemy

📢BitTubers Spice Up vol-3 | Free Logo Animation

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By AwenMusic

nice graphics, great!

By AwenMusic

By ShakmGaming

Once again awesome work 👍 Also i want to let you know i'll be using them as intro / outro on some of my series starting today 😉

By Kids

Absolutely dynn-o-mite stuff!


I just donated 2.5 TUBEs ($ 0.05 USD)

By voidberg345634

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.18 USD)

By shanedk

Nice work!

By Hsainty3276



You can have it all but how much do you want it? - NG

Yes, price is shit. For everyone, including myself. We are human after all.....

We knew before investing that the journey could be bumpy. We knew it could take us many years to reach the level of success we had projected in our wildest dreams.


#BitTube is barely 18months old

#Airtime is going to be 1 year this week





ps: Do not invest more than you can afford. This is not a joke.


You can complain

You can be negative

You can be quiet

You can push like a tank

Make this adventure your own

Get involved

Ask yourself the right questions:

"What can I do to help?"

"What do I want in this?"

"How can I change things for the better?"

The limit is your imagination

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By Doofus4ever

i tried knocking on the doors of some popular you-tubers they have not opened but i will just keep banging louder till someone opens the door and i will ram my foot in the door way so they can not close it lol #stoked

By mestre

Earn free bitcoins just by browsing the web! it works!


By Kids

I just donated 2.0 TUBEs ($ 0.04 USD)


Hodl the tubes and buy more!

But it's not all about the crypto here, I like the community, the project and the idea so much. So keep on going, bittube will be big soon!

By CrowdsGarage

Couldn't care less about the price. I'm just enjoying the platform, the amazing content around here.. it's just mind blowing. I feel that i'm descovering a all new world of creativity and freedom!

Stay positive, ☯ !

By bittca6x

price is shit? no))) price very good for buy, main rules "do not buy for the last money" and then time will tell) We rock this boat.

P.S what price was not for me it's a good platform for hanging out.

By baul

Thanks Nic for this post..... we are on a spaceship of our own with our own laws. So this is Spartaaaaa..!! LOL Staking coins will bring stability to the platform. If necessary the community can decide to set a limit to sell orders per day so mass dumping cant happen. Its all up to the community to give value to the coin. Its all community work. I believe this platform will do great in the long run........ there is no shortcut to revolution

By viraldrome

It's up to us. If you are HODLing TUBE you have a stake in the platform's success. We pay people to watch videos, how hard can it be to recruit newbies?

By 2BitsHub

The Ball in our Court!

By MasterShake

This is so true. I have made a lot of tubes already. So I am going to hold. I will buy in because I believe it will go up in value alot. For now I am just making my page bigger to earn from it daily.



#amazing #views #music #gaming

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By ShakmGaming

Well.. i mean he could put the phone on vibrate and give himself a good massage i guess 😄

By RandomMedia2019

wtf lol

By CoZ

rotfl! "where the hell is it?! I know it was here..."

@Sajedur Rahman

Wheel Power

a short film by SAJEDUR RAHMAN

#shortfilm #indiefilm

Where there's a will there's a way.

CAST Aminul Islam

CAMERA & EDIT Sajedur Rahman

MUSIC O. Vessey


Official Selection worldwide -

  • International Exhibition of Super Short Films. Massachusetts, USA
  • 60 seconds International Film Festival 2018. Pakistan.

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By mestre

Earn free bitcoins just by browsing the web! it works!


By Noob

amazing stuff

By Adamantis

This video would work better as a simple music video, rather than a confusing short film.

@The official account

Fight Censorship

Have you experienced any form of #censorship in the last two years from the major video and social media platforms? 🧐

Tell us about your experience and what you think is the solution to avoid this problem in the future.

#TUBE #FightCensorship 

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By MadeInUSAReview

Fix streaming and people will come

@The official account

What's new this week?

Once again, #TeamTube has been working hard this week on the optimization and new features of #BitTubers! 🚀

Take a look, try it and help us improve by reporting issues directly via 👉BitTubers.com using #bugreport

Have a good weekend, #BitTubers! 


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By shanedk

Thanks for all your hard work!

By voidberg345634


By ninjacura1

Keep it up! Always getting better!

By cryptoyogi

Thank you, I just got in with my smart phone, and I'm loving it! enjoy your WE!



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By PhusionPhil

Back to work!

@The official account

Don't let your TUBE sleeping in your wallet, put them to work.

Put your #TUBE to work and stake them to earn more #Airtime for your online activities. 


#Crypto #Monetization #BitTube

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By mestre

Earn free bitcoins just by browsing the web! it works!


By TheHeretic

I like the idea of staking, however, I don't see any incentive to stake more than 2500Tube unles you live in front of a computer.

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