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What is BitTubers.com?

BitTubers.com is a brand new social network for content creators and streamers. Developed by BitTube, BitTubers emphasizes free speech, fairness and unrestricted monetization across the board. This platform is the successor to bit.tube, launched in mid 2018, building upon its original peer-to-peer fundamentals with greatly improved monetization options, discoverability, interactivity and engagement features.

Real monetization. No economic censorship.

At its core, BitTubers is a WebTorrent-powered content sharing platform. By design, it has inherent censorship protection, real peer-to-peer live streaming and effective content monetization, offered through the AirTime browser extension on bittubeapp.com. AirTime does not rely on ads or third parties. More importantly, BitTube owns both banking and exchange licenses to process payments. As a company, we therefore have full control in protecting creators against censorship, something that has become unfortunately necessary in recent days.

Another social media platform, why?

Good question. Current Sillicon Valley-based platforms have had an effective monopoly on our online public discourse for a long time. In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that they openly stifle free speech by restricting, demonetizing or outright banning people they do not agree with. Free speech alternatives such as Gab, Bitchute and Minds and ourselves have been slowly taking market share by chipping around the edges, but it's not been enough and there is one glaring issue that only we are solving properly: real monetization without ads based on AirTime.

Our AirTime monetization system is not limited to BitTubers.com: it works everywhere. BitTubers is not trying to be ‘yet another’ social media platform -- it does not have to be. We do not view other platforms as direct competition. The real competition is people's attention and (un)willingness to change their habits. We therefore focus strongly on integration and complementing existing platforms through the required extension. As a new platform, we realize that even as more and more popular creators join, ultimately the majority of their audience will spend most of their time on e.g. YouTube anyway, regardless of the existence of many alternatives.

Creators are the cornerstone of value. User experience, accessibility and convenience are the main focus to enable them to add BitTubers to their publishing rotation. How we plan to 'integrate and complement' is enabling instant cross-posting/commenting through the extension, which both creators and viewers can use to share content, generate traffic and establish parallel comment sections outside of legacy platforms. Secondly, what reinforces this approach is the fact that every piece of media posted on BitTubers.com or watched by BitTube users is automatically monetized. This means that, for example, when a YouTuber simply crossposts their YouTube link on BitTubers.com, it is still monetized by BitTube users when they watch it on YouTube, completely outside the grasp of YouTube itself.

Exceeding the sum of its parts.

Some standout features of BitTubers.com are from combining familiar elements from established platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Patreon. For example Subscriptions, Topics, chat rooms, direct messages, public and private Groups, advanced comment trees and Premium donation tiers all strengthen one another, and enable you to promote and discover new content and build both open and patron communities in a unique way. See Features & Roadmap for a more detailed breakdown.

Free speech vs moderation.

It’s vital to do content moderation right without compromising on free speech. Being a small company, we at BitTube know that centralized moderation is not a viable long-term strategy for success. We are hence equipping BitTubers with several layers of user-oriented moderation with a strong focus on fairness, autonomy and transparency. Creators can moderate their own comment sections and appoint others to help. Post moderation will be handled in part by a distributed Community Moderation System (CMS) that anyone can participate in to help process reports and earn rewards. Read more about Moderation and our Community Guidelines.

Remember, we are in Early Beta!

BitTubers.com is currently in early beta with basic functionality. Major features and improvements will be released this year. To learn more, go to Features & Roadmap.

If you're experiencing bugs, please let us know on our Discord, or let us know in the #bugreport topic. Thanks!